Our Message

We at Lionheart Tutoring, LLC tutor from a love of learning and a commitment to those who came before us. We are all here because someone in our past spent the time to teach us what was true, noble and worth defending. We firmly believe that our civilization depends on continuing this chain of learning. A successful society must have the best and hardest-working people at every position. In maintaining the prosperous society we enjoy, we must always remember that this does not come naturally. It comes from the strength, ability, and character of our people. To continue this legacy, we must ensure that each generation of children and grandchildren excels at reading, writing, and math. On an individual level, we recognize that everyone will have a more expansive choice of options with better education. An inadequate teaching will limit one’s chances greatly. Like all parents, we want our own children and future children to live in a country in which everyone is able to produce and live to his or her full potential.

We believe that we have the techniques necessary for all students to excel to the best of their abilities.  Let us share with you how we can take the weight off of your shoulders and help your child shine in reading, writing, and math.


Having tutored over 110 students, we recognize that a tutoring program depends on both outstanding approaches to learning and the tutors to match them. We want to have the heart of the lion, which means a compassionate, kind approach to our students while the direction and vision of a leader. In all of our programs in reading, writing, math, and Chinese we have sought the best methods available for quick and effective teaching. In evaluating which technique to employ, we seek the best method wherever it might be found. Thus, for example, we can draw on bar models of Singapore Math, while employing the traditional methods of memorizing timetables. We incorporate games for younger learners because we see how they can perform hundreds of operations or prompts while not losing enthusiasm. Yet our educational philosophy is direct, target instruction by the tutor followed by clear practice of skills. In dealing with students from PreK-12th Grade, we see that each age and each individual is unique, so we try to connect to students on an individual level, while always employing the best techniques available.


There is a clear difference between opinion and fact when it comes to education. Many fads and pop culture science weave their way through the education system, with haphazard, often destructive results. These approaches usually are predicated on philosophical values (or wishful-thinking) rather than solid research. Thus, when they fizzle out in another flop, the educators throw up their hands and say that the next one must work, it just has to! This trial and error approach unfortunately leaves many disheartened and frustrated students in its wake.

Here at Lionheart Tutoring, research is at the core of our approach to tutoring. We have found the approaches and curriculum that offer outstanding results for students in studies and in our own practice. Yet, we tailor these approaches to fit what our students will find at school, so they are applicable and useful in everyday classes. Examining the data on mathematics and reading instruction, one clearly sees that systematic instruction in both subjects makes for better results. Looking at the research on international mathematics exams, one sees that Singapore always is in the top five countries in the competition. Thankfully, publishers have translated Singapore’s ingenious math program into English, which can be used as a supplement to conventional American programs like Everyday Math or Investigations. Likewise, learning to read and write through direct, phonetic instruction produces better readers across the board and can help avoid the dangers of onset dyslexia. Moreover, as seen in the U.S. Department of Education study, Follow Through, programs based on direct instruction also develop the most interest and self-confidence in students because they recognize their own skills and mastery of the subject.

Meet Our Tutors

I love seeing how students discover they can thrive in subjects they always dreaded. It’s wonderful to see the growth in their self-confidence with each session.

Dan Chinburg


Inspired by what he saw in South Korea as a Fulbright Teaching Fellow, Dan Chinburg began tutoring students on the Main Line in 2009. He graduated with a M.S.Ed. in Reading/Writing/Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania with a K-12 reading specialist certification and has a B.A. in English & World Literature from Pitzer College. Since his return to the states, he has taught over 110 students through word-of-mouth. He loves working with struggling students and advanced students alike. Always striving to get the best results, he has tutored Singapore Math at a charter school and has explored many different approaches to higher mathematics. Over the years, he has designed his own grammar, writing, and standardized test program to meet the demands of his students. He particularly enjoys the challenge of giving crash-courses in subjects before last-minute finals for new students.

It’s always fun to see the shock that parents have when they hear their children speak Chinese for the first time. They can’t believe their kids can learn so quickly!

Yuanyuan (Elizabeth) Zhang

Chinese Director / Tutor

Fluent in English and a native-speaker of Mandarin Chinese, Yuanyuan brings an incredible breadth of language training and linguistic expertise to her Chinese and ESL sessions. She graduated with a M.S.Ed. in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania and has a B.A. in Business English. While in China, she taught classes of Chinese students of all levels in English at the prestigious private tutoring firm in Shanghai. She has developed the Chinese program of Lionheart Tutoring through her self-designed learning programs for students in grades PreK-12. She brings an energetic approach to Chinese instruction while incorporating games, iPad apps, songs, poems, and multimedia with her students. Parents have been delighted to find her as many private schools have embraced Chinese as a foreign language across the Main Line. Always dear to her heart, she loves working and developing her toddler program for young Chinese learners who are training their ears for the novel tones of Chinese.