Academic Subjects

 Summer provides an excellent opportunity for students to strengthen their skills and fill crucial gaps from the school year. During the academic year, many students find themselves simply trying to keep up with their classes. From a classroom teacher’s perspective, with so many kids in the class, it can be difficult to identify key skill issues for each individual. From a parent’s view, it certainly can be challenging to provide enough instruction and practice on top of the current material presented in class. However, summer means much more time available for mastering topics and gaining confidence in difficult subjects. Oftentimes, parents like to split sessions into reading, writing, and math to maximize results across the board. Students will have daily practice to reinforce the strategies they learn in sessions. Moreover, they can have fun and feel productive! Summer work can be enriching and encouraging, while providing children with a stronger foundation for the return to school.

Reading Intervention

Intensive reading instruction for elementary school students during the summer can make a world of difference. So often, students who struggle with reading (phonics, reading comprehension, etc.) naturally find school very tiring. It takes most of their energy to keep up with the classwork. As a result, it can be difficult to schedule reading instruction during the academic year. However, during the summer, we can help build a stronger foundation and re-align their reading approach to maximize their results. With our tailored approach to phonics, syllables, spelling, and reading comprehension, we can help immensely where previously they had thought their abilities had plateaued. Moreover, we can adjust to the each student’s individual needs and endurance to keep their attention.

Summer Math & Challenge Math

Summer time is math time at Lionheart Tutoring. We love to share the logic of math with students who feel frustrated by lack of understanding and from lack of challenge. With our curriculum, games, and step-by-step approach, students will find math will finally come naturally to them. Many students have progressed dramatically over the summer to the degree that their teachers in the fall are shocked! Also, with advanced math students in mind, we have created a challenge math program from stratch that incorporates logic puzzles, multi-step word problems and real-life applications. Please contact us to find out more about how our program stands out on the Main Line!

Mandarin Classes

With Mandarin, students find themselves able to access so much more in terms of culture, business, and international experiences. Summer is the perfect time to begin or solidify learning in Mandarin. Classes are available for young learners who want to learn the fun way to say numbers in Chinese all the way to high school students or adults who want to learn practical, business Mandarin. Our Chinese Director, Yuanyuan Zhang, built our summer program from the ground up to maximize the fun and returns of tutoring. Early learners are particularly well suited to learn the four tones of Mandarin due to their developing language abilities and love of repetition. Intensive classes are available for students who wish to have multiple lessons each week. Siblings are welcome to take classes together for a discount!

Meet Our Tutors

I love seeing how students discover they can thrive in subjects they always dreaded. It’s wonderful to see the growth in their self-confidence with each session.

Dan Chinburg


Inspired by what he saw in South Korea as a Fulbright Teaching Fellow, Dan Chinburg began tutoring students on the Main Line in 2009. He graduated with a M.S.Ed. in Reading/Writing/Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania with a K-12 reading specialist certification and has a B.A. in English & World Literature from Pitzer College. Since his return to the states, he has taught over 110 students through word-of-mouth. He loves working with struggling students and advanced students alike. Always striving to get the best results, he has tutored Singapore Math at a charter school and has explored many different approaches to higher mathematics. Over the years, he has designed his own grammar, writing, and standardized test program to meet the demands of his students. He particularly enjoys the challenge of giving crash-courses in subjects before last-minute finals for new students.

It’s always fun to see the shock that parents have when they hear their children speak Chinese for the first time. They can’t believe their kids can learn so quickly!

Yuanyuan (Elizabeth) Zhang

Chinese Director / Tutor

Fluent in English and a native-speaker of Mandarin Chinese, Yuanyuan brings an incredible breadth of language training and linguistic expertise to her Chinese and ESL sessions. She graduated with a M.S.Ed. in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania and has a B.A. in Business English. While in China, she taught classes of Chinese students of all levels in English at the prestigious private tutoring firm in Shanghai. She has developed the Chinese program of Lionheart Tutoring through her self-designed learning programs for students in grades PreK-12. She brings an energetic approach to Chinese instruction while incorporating games, iPad apps, songs, poems, and multimedia with her students. Parents have been delighted to find her as many private schools have embraced Chinese as a foreign language across the Main Line. Always dear to her heart, she loves working and developing her toddler program for young Chinese learners who are training their ears for the novel tones of Chinese.